StorageMinted Bars

They represent a convenient way to store physical gold, affordable for customers looking for any degree of investment level.

Critical step Smelting

Melting fine metal into bars or producing grains from scrap metal for the use of our refinery.

Our laboratoryAssay

Assaying monitors the quality of the metal throughout the refining process, determining the fineness of gold and silver which includes traditional fire assay as well as spectrometry.

Refining at 999.9%Bullion

The refinery produces a wide range of gold bullion bars which are refined up to 999.9 ((24 carats), with the purities matching the demand from the market.


Assaying monitors the quality of the metal throughout the refining process.


Precious metals such as scrap gold and silver, scrap jewellery, or even high grade gold doré.


We have designers to bring your concepts into a physical reality.


We’ve built our business on long-term relationship with our partners.
Superior craftsmanship

Know You’re In Good Hands

We’re dedicated to meeting our clients needs by providing comprehensive and customizable service solutions from assaying and refining to logistics and financing options.

We’re able to provide flexible financial options to our clients—from bullion to international transfers.
Industries: Miners | Recyclers | Bankers | Distributors

Quality Comes With Experience

We combine nearly 20 years of experience with forward-looking proprietary techniques to produce the highest-quality products on the market. As an LBMA London Good Delivery and COMEX good delivery refiner, our bars are approved for holding within an IRA.